It’s Time to Monetize YouTube

According to AC Neilsen, 119 million Americans watched video online in May.

And, they watched a lot.

In just one month, they watched 7.5 billion video streams.  The number is staggering.  Billions of streams in just one month.

And, YouTube got most of them.  Its 74 million unique viewers watched 4 billion streams.   

For comparison, Fox Interactive Media was a distant #2 with about 329 million streams watched.  

Yet, even with its huge audience and multiple views, Google is making less money from YouTube in a month than the Superbowl makes with just 7 commercials.

This is crazy.

It’s time for advertisers to start thinking about how to use YouTube instead of thinking about why they shouldn’t use it.

We’ve all heard the arguments about the fact that some videos may not be appropriate for certain advertisers.  Well, it wouldn’t take much for Google to monitor thousands of videos to make sure that the right advertiser isn’t with the wrong video.

And, although there are some worries about ‘waste’ because there isn’t enough data to target efficiently, the sheer numbers suggest that advertisers can afford to waste a lot and still reach huge audiences.  Sort of like Top 40 in the 1960s.

There are still companies that look for ‘mass’ audiences – think Coca-Cola, P&G, Walmart or AT&T. YouTube could be a great value for them.

Online video is not going away even with its growing pains around copyright, lawsuits from Viacom and the potential for impropriety.  

For companies who will invest the necessary time, energy and effort – this is a profitable new frontier.


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