How We Help

Media. Entertainment. Digital. Online.

We help our clients –in media, entertainment, and online – target, capture and keep customers.

In some cases, we help you reconnect with your customers using digital and online more effectively. In others, we help create brand new opportunities.

Our clients ask for help because the old business models are rapidly weakening while the emerging digital/online models are still emerging and morphing.

And, no business has really got it figured out. Not the old ones. Not the new ones. Everyone is experimenting.

Because the customer has changed so fast – especially the 70% who are online – it’s more important than ever to understand their new behavior. Because it really is new.

For the past 60 years, the customer was mainly reactive – the most they could do was choose from a limited number of options.

Right now, the customer is becoming very interactive – they search, scan, network, connect and disconnect with blinding speed – often when they are mobile.

It is more challenging to target them, to capture them and especially to keep them.

This is why The Media Fix exists – to work with you to target, capture and keep these customers – to help you grow your business and your brand.

How We Work For You

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