Leading Edge Strategy

Strong strategy focuses on your ‘position’ against competitors and shows you how to beat them.

It identifies new opportunities and shows you how to take advantage of them.

Strategy includes – competitive analysis (market research, trend analysis, brand maps etc.), strategic thinking, options analysis, criteria filters, brainstorming, and growth scenarios.

It is the most important part of ‘planning’.

Example of our Strategic work – Cable TV

A major US cable network had been losing audience for years and needed help in defining a ‘position’ and significantly increasing its audience.

We helped engineer a turnaround that increased revenue by over $200 million in the next 22 months.

We began with ‘Strategic Thinking’, engaging the new President and his staff in the process of identifying the Outcome they wanted to create – and focusing on what had to change to get there.

Working closely with their research department, we designed the most effective research approach and then analyzed the results. Using segmentation analysis, we ‘mapped’ cable TV watchers, selected the 3 most significant for the network’s growth and brainstormed ‘filters’ (criteria) for programming.

Additional strategic focus went to ‘position’, marketing and re-branding.

During the following years, we worked closely with senior management and re-evaluated strategy annually with senior management during 3 day offsites.

Insightful Research

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