Low Hanging Fruit – The Baby Boomers

Magnify opportunities

During the past 4 years, almost 16 million Baby Boomers have turned 55. In the next 4, another 16 million will turn 55.

That’s 32 million customers with a lot of money to spend.

Yet companies like Proctor and Gamble, General Motors and Geico act like they don’t want all that money

Because, these customers are 55 or older.

It seems crazy but it’s true.

Most advertisers focus on an old-fashioned model for selling their products. They only care about customers aged 18-54.

And, they only buy TV or radio advertising targeted at those under the age of 54.

Which means they are rapidly losing the Boomers and their billions.

32 million customers.

With billions to spend.

This is low hanging fruit. And, the Internet is picking it fast.