YouTube is MTV

On YouTube, the ‘most viewed’ videos of all time have huge audiences.  The Top 2, Evolution of Dance and Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend have each been viewed over 90 million times.  These numbers are amazing by themselves. But it doesn’t stop there.  Videos by Rihanna, Timbaland, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown have each been viewed over 50 million times.

Among the top 10 of all time on YouTube, 7 are focused on music – and, they total a staggering 673 million views.  That’s over half a billion – for just 7 videos.

It looks like YouTube is the new MTV. 

As TV morphs around the Internet, I’m keeping an eye on the advertising models that are emerging on platforms such as Veoh,  Joost,  Hulu and even the moves by Slingbox.   

If I were a TV or cable network, I would be working hard on YouTube and Online cross-promotion strategies.

And, if I were YouTube, I might be telling advertisers about  videos that get 90 million views –  which is pushing Superbowl territory.