We usually start by assessing your needs – which means asking you a lot of questions and listening carefully.

Then, we want to find out more about your customers, the competition and your current ‘position’. Which usually means some kind of research.

If you already have research, we’ll work with it. If you don’t have research, we suggest doing some – either a custom study or a rigorous analysis of data about your customers.

After we’ve analyzed the research, we meet with you again and ‘boil down’ what we’ve learned – we synthesize and discuss with you. We may help you understand your company’s position on The Growth Curve or we may apply the Customer Satisfaction Filters.

Then, we work on focus. What’s the strategy? What’s the plan? What’s the best way to execute? What are the details?

This phase can include brainstorming, strategic thinking, organizational analysis, marketing and promotion ideas, brand mapping and more.

If you wish, we will work closely with you on execution.

Some clients work with us on a project basis. Others prefer the benefits that come from continuity and working closely over time.

Customer Satisfaction Filters

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