How We Work For You


We start by assessing your needs – which means asking you a lot of questions and listening carefully.

This assessment might be followed by any or all of the following …

Research. Who are your customers? What motivates, engages and connects with them? What’s going on in the ‘space’ you compete in? How do you know? Better targeting requires better information – which usually means some kind of research.

If you already have research, we’ll work with it. If you don’t have research, we suggest doing some – either a custom study or a thoughtful analysis of existing data.

Brainstorming and Thinking It Through. Research alone isn’t enough. So, we meet with you and ‘boil down’ what we’ve learned – we synthesize and simplify, looking for the most important areas of focus. We use core process tools such as the Customer Satisfaction Filters and the Growth Curve. We engage and discuss with you, particularly about the competition.

Strategy. This is the essence of success. What’s most important? Where should you place your bets? What’s the strategy? What’s the plan? How do you market and advertise?

Positioning. What do you stand for? Where does the consumer put you on their ‘product ladder’? Do you stand for something really meaningful?

Execution. The most critical part of your success will be your company’s readiness to execute the strategy. Many of our clients ask us to review the organizational structure and suggest ways to strengthen it. What are the details? We will work with you to execute effectively.

Clients and Experience

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