Is Content Really King?

The word ‘content’ gets tossed around a lot, especially in new media. And, like anything that gets tossed around, it gets beat up.

Which is why I began to wonder – who said ‘content is king’ and is it true? If it’s true, what does it mean to your business? If it’s not true, where should you put your focus?

Everywhere you look or listen, there seems to be more content than you can ever consume. There are over 50,000 new books a year published in English. In January 2008, 79 million users made 3 billion video views on YouTube and 10 hours of video are added every minute.

There are over 10 million blogs in the US alone – even if most of them hardly get read. Cable TV has thousands of programs that often get tiny audiences.

It seems like there is no shortage of content. So, who’s really king?
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