Insightful Research

Good research gets inside the customer’s head and heart – it identifies growth opportunities, alerts you to weaknesses (both yours and your competitors), and gives you clear guidelines about what to do.

We have completed over 1000 research studies for clients in businesses ranging from consumer electronics and banking to television and internet-based companies.

Our research tools are customized directly for the client’s needs.

Top targeting tool

Many clients like to start with segmentation – a map of customers that groups them by differentiators – the wants and needs that make one group different from another. This allows for precise targeting.

Other research tools include:

Focus groups – to get a more personal insight into the customer allowing them direct interaction and feedback
Brand mapping – to help you figure out where your brand is relative to competitors and customer needs
Usability testing – to show you what’s working and what’s not working on your website
Tracking studies – to let your measure how far you’ve come and what needs to be adjusted
Format maps – to help you optimize your radio, TV or online format
Re-analysis – to give you new insights from research that is already available including user measurement (Neilsen, Comscore, Arbitron etc.) and your existing proprietary research.

We research customers online, on the phone, by mail or in person – depending on your need.

Example of our Research work – Online Games

A top kid’s network wanted to increase its audience online – specifically for its highly competitive website. Their goal was an additional 500,000 visitors.

After carefully analyzing their site (and the sites of their competitors), we drilled deep into the long tail of kid’s online games using existing user measurement systems. This included an evaluation of over 1600 websites visited by kids.

We also met with our client’s research department and re-analyzed their data, searching for opportunities. Then, we conducted usability testing with kids aged 6-12 to determine exactly how they used their favorite websites.

Based on our analysis we suggested 4 key areas of opportunity, one of which involved optimizing an underutilized technology.

As soon as our client made the technological change, they immediately gained 200,000 visitors. They are well on their way to 500,000 at this time.

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